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Interior Space and Airport Planning Services

“From Conception through Inception and Implementation,”

As one of the innovative multi-disciplinary infrastructure consultants, we provide several services across African countries.  We’ve delivered numerous successful projects within a broad spectrum of infrastructure sectors. Our professional approach and effective communication, delivered by talented people with a passion for excellence, ensures that our Clients get a return to their investment.

Construction Site Supervision Services by KMTK Group

– Architectural, Interior and Space Planning

– Engineering

– Technical specification

– Construction and site Supervision

–  Airport Planning and Design

Architectural Design Philosophy

KMTK architectural philosophy strikes a visionary balance between analysis, context and beauty.  Any project should be connected to and the design will ensure that it blends with the environment and enhances its surroundings; and will be regarded as an outstanding urban or architectural response to both the context and the environment in which it is placed.

KMTK architects will fulfil a significant role in ensuring that the client needs are addressed and the building designs project will not be imposed, it will evolve from a rigorous inquiry into the Site location and building program and this belief can transform problem-solving into art.

Architectural Expertise and Services

KMTK projects ranging from entirely new buildings; urban Design and Interior Design. The Common denominator in this diverse portfolio is our expertise, which lies in striking visionary balances between the intended identity, level of ambition and overall quality of the projects.

KMTK creates iconic identities which optimize property values while acknowledging the social, emotional and intellectual impacts on both their environment and users.

We provide both public and private clients with architectural; Urban designer and master planning services; interior and product design.

KMTK is strongly committed to meeting the aspirations of our clients and delivering the promise. In order to achieve this, our services are executed according to the highest NBR Codes standards.

Sustainability in Architecture

One of the aspects of sustainability concept is defined as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”

KMTK broader vision on sustainability adds to this concept the aim to create and maintain architecture with a timeless value. This vision manifests itself in buildings with a strong character that receive broad support and offer a high level of flexibility in use.

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