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There are large untapped markets across French-speaking Africa, as these markets mature; consumers are becoming defined less by national borders than other measures

Doing business in Francophone Africa brings with it a number of challenges not often found in South Africa and elsewhere. For enterprises looking to invest or establish operations in the rest of the continent, it pays to identify partners and service providers.

Challenges that keeping South African companies back is;

–              Language.

–              Different legal systems

–              Business cultures that are part of the fabric of Francophone countries.

–              Lack of knowledge about opportunities and the overall environment in these countries.

Competitive barriers are low, and first-mover advantage will ensure brave investors reap high returns

Tandem_Axle_Water_Trucks_12-1024x576Companies working in Francophone Africa need local businesses to supply them with products and services. But these companies struggle to find local suppliers that can deliver to the standards needed, while local businesses struggle to raise their profile and be seen by such international investors.

Through our vast local francophone African and South African networks, KMTK will help companies to:

–              Fast truck investors Expansion into francophone Africa market

–              Identified trustworthy local partners and companies that operate in francophone Africa

–              Familiarized with the business conditions /challenges and Get direct introductions to potential clients

–              To operate and grow revenues in untapped markets

–             Submit prospect tender on behalf of the companies in Francophone countries.

KMTK will help overcome these challenges by Identifying partners and service providers that are experienced and understand the characteristics of each individual and very different market.

KMTK can help you find a market, develop and grow your business in francophone Africa

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