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KMTK Group is a diverse infrastructure and business innovative group, focused on Africa, with the capacity to deliver a range of projects of any scale, to a multitude of clients in diverse markets.

KMTK Group of companies is a leader in providing built infrastructure consulting; francophone business consulting, mining and material suppliers; transport and bulk water supply and property development.

The KMTK management team is well-rounded, experienced and the team has a fundamental belief in Africa’s infrastructure and economic growth. We are focused on playing our part in building the Africa dream.


We aspire to further develop the Group’s business strategy as a leading African player, specialising in the built infrastructure consulting and African francophone business consulting Services.


To contribute to the development of Africa’s infrastructure, by continues improvement, and providing our clients an outstanding service.

To be a transparent and cost-effective means to access and penetrate the untapped market opportunities on the African continent. KMTK aspirers to:

  • Profitably expand our core business through strategically positioned alliances
  • Manage all activities professionally and to the highest possible standards
  • Enhance the quality of life in the African countries in which we operate


  • Honesty and integrity
  • Teamwork
  • Respect
  • High performance


KMTK Group is a diversified built infrastructure consulting group offering services in the following fields of industry:


– Built infrastructure consulting,

– Transport & Bulk Water Supply;

– Property development;

– Africa business consulting and

– Mining and materials Suppliers.

The five divisions complement each other to provide a complete service.

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We are focused on playing our part in building the Africa dream.